Instant loan (instant loan). Instantly up to 12,000 per card (account) online over the Internet

To quickly solve the problem, most often you just need a small amount of money, but it often happens that they may simply not be at hand. What to do in such a situation and where to get the money?

Microcredit is much more optimal and cheaper than contacting a bank, pawnshop, or relatives. Why is that? Almost anyone can take an instant online credit card, regardless of:

  • Work experience;
  • Salary amounts;
  • Official employment;
  • Credit history (CI);
  • Marital status;
  • Loan objectives.

Those. A min loan is available to absolutely everyone, but for other lenders (the same banks) it will be very important for the client to meet these criteria:

  • Stay in the last place for at least 6 months;
  • Fixed salary;
  • Additional income;
  • Property;
  • It is advisable to stay in an official marriage;
  • The absence of creditors at the time of treatment;
  • Good CI.

If something does not work for the bank, the client who wants to take instant loans online to a bank account will be refused. At the same time, the employee will not voice the exact reason and you need to spend time and energy searching for a lender who agrees to help.

But the mini-loan is the very “profitable and quick case” when you can find money almost immediately, without the help of others, and most importantly – as a result, solve the problem. But the main thing is that this can be done almost without refusal – instant loans are approved in 99% of cases.

We give a loan instantly for any needs:


If you doubt which service to contact, focus on the amount of commission (the less it is, the more profitable). True, not always “cheap” will mean “reliable”, therefore it is also worth considering the popularity and reliability of the company itself.

One of the companies in Ukraine, where there is both reliability and a low commission, is Fine Bank. The service provides new customers the opportunity to get a loan instantly without interest, and re-use discounts up to 50%.

Loans in the service are issued for any needs:

  • To salary;
  • For repair;
  • For treatment;
  • Payment of utilities;
  • Consumer loan for any purpose;
  • Purchase of clothes;
  • Payment of English courses for a child, etc.

At the same time, for example, a banking organization would definitely ask why the amount is needed, where you are going to spend it, and in some cases, for example, this reason may be a reason for refusal (if the client wants to receive the amount for his own treatment – because of the high risk of non-return funds). Good Credit will give money to solve any problems.

Who can apply for an instant loan?


The online service also does not set special requirements for customers. Instant credit on the card can instantly get:

  • Citizens of Ukraine;
  • Over 18 years old;
  • Be sure to be the owner of a bank card;
  • Have a personal mobile phone;
  • Valid passport
  • Identification code.

Application Procedure

Instant loans on a bank card can actually be issued immediately on the site, having gone through a simple registration procedure (6 simple steps):

1. On the Good Credit page, indicate the period and amount;

2. Go to registration;

3. Indicate the current personal mobile;

4. Fill out the form;

5. “Tie up” a bank card;

6. Expect a decision (the answer will come by e-mail).

The procedure usually does not take more than 7-20 minutes (for new users), but for regular users, it is enough to submit an application in just two clicks in your personal account and, after spending only 2-5 minutes, get the desired amount into your account.

For new users it is important to consider that it is recommended to answer the questionnaire in the most detailed and honest way, this will increase the chances of receiving even for those who are on the blacklist of debtors.

Good Finance – instant loan with 99% approval of the application!


The service has been successfully lending for several years in Ukraine and attracting users daily. This happens due to the following conditions:

  • Limit – up to 12 000 USD;
  • Lending is possible for up to 35 days;
  • You can postpone the payment several times;
  • The full calculation of the debt can be immediately preliminarily recognized using a loan calculator at the time of application;
  • Without first installments and statements of income;
  • Nobody will call relatives.

Instant loan to a card online via the Internet helps to instantly solve financial issues in cases where there is not enough money, and before a salary for a long time. You don’t have to worry that the application will refuse and you will have to look for a new company for lending.

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