Loan for the apartment. Get money on credit for the purchase and repair of apartments in Ukraine

In many cities of Ukraine, the active construction of residential complexes and restoration of old buildings are currently underway. However, at the age of 20-30 years, not everyone can afford to buy their own apartment, so banks offer Ukrainians such a service as a loan to purchase an apartment.

This greatly simplifies life, does not make a dent in the budget of a young family and makes it possible to ensure comfortable living conditions for yourself and your loved ones.

Obtaining a loan for an apartment in Ukraine is always a difficult multi-stage procedure, however, in fact, almost everyone can get such a loan by choosing a bank and a suitable amount based on their financial capabilities.

To take out a loan to buy an apartment is a good solution for those who value stability and prefer to plan ahead, instead of renting a house and spending on it an amount commensurate with the monthly loan repayments at the bank.

Get a loan to repair or buy an apartment in Good Finance


We do not offer our customers to take a loan for an apartment in Ukraine for a large amount, but we can offer solutions to current problems.

The first loan in the amount of 6,000 USD is useful for cosmetic repairs, purchase of household items and furniture, interest repayment if you previously issued a loan for an apartment for a young family.

We understand how many worries fall on the shoulders of young people in our time and how difficult and tiring it is to follow formalities and bureaucratic procedures.

Such a service as a youth loan for an apartment in Ukraine, unfortunately, just requires the fulfillment of strict documentation requirements. We made sure that you get a small loan amount quickly and effortlessly! Our security system and experience in the legal and financial spheres allowed us to create simple conditions for obtaining a loan.

  • To get a loan for an apartment for a young family it was easier, we do not set age limits except for one condition: you must be over 18 years old.
  • To apply for a loan, you must have Ukrainian citizenship.
  • From the documents, you need a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and a tax identification number (TIN)
  • It’s quite difficult to get a loan for an apartment without an income statement, but Good Finance will not have such problems, because we issue loans without documents confirming your solvency.

If you urgently need money for repairs, payment for materials and services of the master, at Good Finance you can get a small loan for apartment renovation in 15 minutes, without even leaving the apartment.

The same applies to other loans, if you forget that the time has come to deposit money for the apartment – with us you will receive it without wasting time and energy!

How to get a loan for an apartment in 15 minutes?


The procedure for obtaining a loan on our website is as simple as possible for your convenience, it takes the form of a phased completion of several standard forms.

  • The usual creation of an account, the creation of a username and password, their confirmation.
  • Filling in the next questionnaire of the series and passport number, TIN, indicating passport data.
  • More detailed information about your sources of income, work or study, matrimonial status and purpose of obtaining a loan.
  • The last item – leave the card number of the Ukrainian bank for which you plan to receive the required amount.

Done! Now you will only need to confirm your application for a small amount, which will help repay the current loan for the construction of an apartment, carry out urgent repairs or buy building materials.

Loan term and repayment conditions

Loan term and repayment conditions

Please note that after applying for your first loan at Good Finance, you will be able to leave applications for large amounts – in the end, the maximum credit limit is $ 1,500. The loan repayment period is calculated on the basis of the amount, and can be extended or paid ahead of schedule by prior arrangement.

You can pay loans for an apartment in a bank according to the official procedure, and you can return a loan to Good Finance in one of the following ways:

  • Through a personal account on the Good Finance website, indicating the card number.
  • In one of the Fast Express or Good Finance terminals.
  • At the bank cash desk, indicating the details and making the required amount in cash.

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